Wake Tower Speakers

Wake Tower Speakers are high output speakers that are in an enclosed water resistant housing.

These speakers are usually mounted to a tower on the boat, that is designed to allow you to project sound up to 100ft behind the boat.

They are a great entertainment addition because their main purpose is to get sound out to anyone behind the boat. This could be for people swimming, skiing, or wake surfing.

There is such a thing as Surf Tower Speakers. They are designed for the person who is wakesurfing directly behind the boat. They are very similar to Wake Tower Speakers, but they do not project as far

What To Look For:

When thinking about purchasing Wake Tower Speakers, one of the things to look for is quality of the speakers themselves. We do not believe in “Best Wake Tower Speakers” because it really depends on the application.

However, Excile Audio is one of the best brands in the industry, and they offer a wide variety of speakers that can cater to almost anyone’s needs.

You also want to look at the size of the enclosure to make sure it doesn’t interfere with regular operation of the boat, and the kind of tweeter. (i.e A dome tweeter or a horn loaded tweeter which usually projects sounds further with less distortion at further distances).

Additionally, you want to look into the power handling of the speakers, which will come into play when purchasing the amplifier to match the RMS (maximum continuous power handling) of the speakers.

Some manufactures offer a range of colors. If you are trying to match an existing color or add color to your boat, make sure to see if the manufacturer has additional colors available.

Boat Modification:

As we briefly mentioned above, you want to make sure that these new wake tower speakers do not interfere with any of the boat’s operations.

Adding new speakers does require some modification but it is minimal. The only modifications that would be done to the boat would be on the towers themselves.

For example, the holes for the wires. These holes are generally only around 1/2in, along with others usually unseen, and are placed in a compartment on the boat where the amplifiers would sit.

If you have been told that there would be more complex modification needed, then we suggest you re-evaluate the company.

Can They Be Installed On Any Boat?

No, wake tower speakers cannot be installed on any boat. Just like in the name suggests, they are meant for wake towers themselves.

If the boat does not have a tower there are alternative means to gain the type of sound desired. For example, you could have speakers located on or around the rear of the boat.

A typical install is determined by how many pairs of speakers are being done, as well as the amps and location of the amps being installed.

Usual turnaround time on a basic tower setup (2 towers and a single amp) is around 3-6 hrs.

Wake Tower Speakers can bring new sound to your boat, and allow you to experience the water like never before!