1969 Chevrolet C10 Gets An OEM-Style Radio Back!

Type of project:

This customer came in with a gorgeous 1969 Chevrolet C10 truck. The previous owner had taken out the radio, and where the old radio had once been was now completely smoothed over.

We ordered a OEM-style after market radio for that year with a digital tuner (iPod, Bluetooth). The radio basically gives the look of the 1969 radio but with the features of a modern day radio.

We fabricated a small bracket to go in the factory single-speaker location in the center of the dashboard, and installed 2 3.5 inch Rockford Fosgate Punch Speakers. These full-range speakers are great for fanatics that need a great sounding speaker to replace factory installed garbage.

Additionally, we built some custom enclosures that held Rockford Fosgate 5x7s under the seat.

Looking at the truck now, it looks completely original!